First, there is an amazing vue on the San Fancisco bay area. Flying above the Fog.

And, if you turn your head, on the other side of this big tree, you overhung the ocean.


The outdoor area was like this. A little overloaded isn’t it?


The Bush-LesKidz-preschool

After a rough cleaning, we discovered a beautiful place, full of possibilities for children to play. But still a lot of work.

Building a school Les Kidz preschool

build a school Les Kidz preschool

So the preschool teacher put some protection on her eyes and in her ears – you always have to take care of yourself kids! And she became a builder – she is multitask!

How to build a preschool Les Kidz

First the fence…

build a preschool Les Kidz

What about this nice sand box…

build a sand box Les Kidz preschool

With sand…

sand box Les Kidz preschool

More sand… You know what kids? If you put my sand outside of the sand box, you will have to put it back right?

sand box Les Kidz preschool

It starts to look a little bit better, isn’t it?

build a preschool Les Kidz

But what is a outdoor pay area for children whithout a play house?

House Play Les Kidz preschool

So the teacher took a screwdriver. Very important in life to have a screwdriver kids!


A flower for a nice touch.

House Play Les KidzAnd flowers…

flower garden Les Kidz preschool

and even a lemon tree with lemons. You just have to come and pick theme up!

lemon tree Les Kidz preschool

You have not seen the amazing vegetable garden I did. Here, in Les Kidz, French American preschool, you will learn how to plant vegetables, aromatic plants, you will learn the flavors and colors … Do not wait more, come see us at school. This outdoor play area is now all yours ūüėČ

To be continued…