Earth Day Is Everyday At Les Kidz

“ EARTH DAY 2021 – As the world returns to normal, we can’t go back to business-as-usual. From April 20-22, join the world’s leaders for Earth Day 2021. Together, we can prevent the coming disasters of climate change and environmental destruction. Together, we can Restore Our Earth™.”- Earth Day 2021

On the website of Earth Day, we can read

“Earth Day, It’s not a day — it’s a movement.”

This is exactly how we think and we act at Les Kidz.

Our children are the future. And our planet is our legacy to the future generation.
We believe parents can act. But we also believe our children can help adults to realize the importance to preserve the environment.

This is why at Les Kidz, the environment has a very important place in education and in everyday life.


To understand the importance of sustainability, we teach the children the link between taking care of our planet and our everyday life: we need to breathe fresh air, we drink, we eat, we sleep, we move, we have fun, we learn and every minute of our life is linked to the place where we live: our planet.

Sustainability is closely linked to education. We all start to experience hard moments as the huge wild fires in California, climate deregulation, water restriction. We need to realize, to understand and learn how it is closely linked to the way we mistreat our planet. And we must learn how to react now and how…

This is why at Les Kidz, our schools organize several green actions everyday.

Our Food Policy.

When we talk about sustainability we also talk about natural resources such as food.
Eating less meat, eating fresh and raw products, it is all part of our food policy.

At Les Kidz our meals are now 100% vegetarian and organic.

We eat eggs and we drink milk but we are careful it’s from cage-free and well treated animals. We also buy local as much as we can and we partner with farms around.

We propose a cooking class to the children at least once a week so the children learn how to cook, what they eat, why it is important to eat non-chemicals and balanced food.


Our trash policy.

We are very aware of the importance of reducing trash in school and at home. This is what will be not is the nature.

We buy in Bulk and Responsible. Always thinking about the packaging we are going to have to manage.

In 2017, when we had a lot of diapers to manage, so we decided to enroll with Earth-Baby, the compostable diapers service in the Bay Area.

Everyday we sort our waste and we give our food waste to the worms. So they sounds pretty happy with our waste and we get some nice and natural compost for the plants we grow.

Fewer industrial products, more home-made.

We stopped buying markers. – You can still see some sometimes at school, those one are markers people gave us.

But we use mostly wood or natural wax color pencils.
So our plastic waste is now very low. We also choose unbleached paper 100% recycled.

And we are still working to produce our own paper.

Take care of the planet is all about education. Learning from the roots. Looking for the essence. Trying to understand what is bringing us happiness.

A Permaculture Philosophy
Thinking sustainable and not throwable. What could we do in order to save energy?

To be successful, you have to understand the process of how things work.
So we do a lot of science, architecture, and experiences in a fun way with the children.

It’s a long-term job that we do every day.


We believe each of us can make a part to preserve the planet, we also believe sometimes we need to get organized in bigger associations.

And as a business we think that we have a responsibility. The responsibility to do our best to make it right for our planet.

Involved and highly concerned by our environment, Les Kidz is a proud Green Business Innovator of California: “We contribute by helping to make our communities healthier and more livable while also conserving resources”.

1% For The Planet
The Kidz donates 1% of our gross sales through 1% for the Planet. This money is going in unrestricted funds to nonprofits working on climate change and related environmental issues.

Read more about our Green Commitment.

As a school, we teach about life, we teach about the planet.
Our everyday education is based on understanding nature, learning about the animals, the oceans, the forest, the air… Everything we have to preserve.
To respect our planet is something we have to learn everywhere at home, in our work, in the media but also at school. This is our mission as teachers – and especially at Les Kidz to focus on how to act to protect the diversity on our planet.

We can count on the CEO of Les Kidz, Lise Leboeuf who is highly involved and learn everyday about preserving the environment.

Les Kidz is a reflection of her ideas to educate the future generations. Here are some examples below.


Our Team of Garbage Collector Warriors!

Our young team is aware of the importance of preserving our planet for each living thing on earth.

This is why when we go for a walk, we always have our glove and tools to clean trash and plastic. We love animals, we don’t want them to die because of human beings !

At Les Kidz to preserve our planet, we act and we learn !

Everyday we eat healthy, we contribute to clean the planet, we are careful to get zero waste and no plastic.

Everyday we also learn what is nature, who are the animals, where do they live, what do they eat. We’re teaching our young warriors why some animals are so close to extinction and how we can act.

The children also experienced the fire in San Francisco last year. They understood very early the importance of preserving nature and how the planet violently reacts when the natural balance is damaged.

Our Team of young Sustainable teachers!

This is why today, the children of Les Kidz became Sustainable teachers to spread the word about the importance to save our planet, to save our water, to preserve nature and the animals.

They go home and share with their families what they learnt at Les Kidz.

It’s never too early to realize that we have to take care of the life of our planet if we want to take care of us and our children. We are the only who can act :

  • with every days little gestures.

  • with awareness.

  • with bigger organizations and political decisions.