After almost 2 years of talk, we finally did it! The chicken coop was built with kids help in few hours.

Our little crew was so excited about, the parents & I too. We explained to the kids (in French) the purpose of each room of the coop:

  • the nesting box or  pondoir
  • the coop or basse-cour
  • the outdoor run or promenade

At night we picked up our first tenant. She is about 7 months and needed to be regime as she likes to sing when laying…

Unfortunately her owner & her neighbors were not very happy with her opera voice.

I did not had the chance to see it out of the box, only pictures. When we opened the box in the garden she looked disheveled just like Lise’s hair (our CEO) in the morning so yeah I named here after Lise … Both are happy about it!

Oona, 8 years old asked in we will get a rooster. She thought the chickens will not lay eggs without it…and she was not the only one … few adults too !


I asked the kids to give her time to adjust and they did very well.

She was running free in the backyard and after few hours she was very comfortable and very curious.


After nap time Oona checked the nesting box and discovered a treasure…


Yesterday I found out feeding Lise that an animal tried to dig in the coop.

Last night I heard some noise in the coop and saw two big raccoons digging, I used the water hose to chase them…

Please welcome our two new tenants, Liya & Frida … already chilling in the garden. Lise said hello and make herself looked even bigger to make sure everybody got that she was the boss.