Nico and the Chicken

Nicolas, the chicken coop bouncer!

Well well well …. Chickens are definitely growing up but Liya & Free-Da are still not laying eggs unfortunately. They had been bother regularly by the raccoons at night & by a pretty big cat during days…Last Friday they ended up on the backyards hills after been chased. I spent a big part of my afternoon trying to get them in meanwhile chicken Lise was enjoying the backyard for herself. They finally ended up coming back right before Sunset … smart ladies.

Next day I opened the coop and they went back on the hill right away, this time no cat involved. I was able to catch one and the other flew down to be with her sister. Lucky me !

Since one of our neighbor is definitely a witch (not the kind who gives candies at Halloween) and looking for troubles we decided to add up an enclosure to let those ladies get out of the coop without any danger or argument.

Let me tell you how I feel about people who are annoyed about kids noise & chicken songs… Chicken Lise is probably singing 2 minutes a day after laying her egg and the kids (6 max) are out maximum 4 hours a day during the week and definitely not loud. I don’t understand how you can feel that car noises,  garbage trucks, motorcycles and much more are fine but kids & chickens are a big thing! Please let me invite you for a cup of tee, I will present you our team. And do not get impressed by the strong character of Nico (picture above) he is the sweetest kid ever! They are all Amaaaaazing.

Stay tuned for more feathers story!