The good thing with new projects is definitely that it’s never boring…

The chicken coop experience is a journey! Everyday there is a new challenge.  This week we found a very tiny chicken egg, I immediately looked up on Internet to check if I did something wrong … But guess what ??? It’s very common and usually happen at the end of the laying cycle…

On the right side is the usual size of the eggs we have.

We also had a new tentative of chicken attacks!

Cleaning up the coop I found out that our ladies have been bothered again by the raccoons.

I looked up on the web again since blocking the walls with wood logs & installing the lights did not work for long. I considered few options including dry wolf urine in flakes but it would probably affect our lovely cat too.

I finally decided to install  a piece of chicken wire under the coop, I hope it will do the trick, crossing fingers!


Here are some cute pictures of last week:

Stay tuned for more Les Kidz adventures!