Our rescued hens are just awesome!

Les Kidz' Hens

“Chicken” Lise was the first hen we got in August 2021. We do not know about her age as we got her through an add on the internet. Someone was trying to get rid of her because she did not like her singing after laying… She was named after our CEO after we got her out of the box! Her feathers were all disheveled…as our dear Lise. “Hens” Lise is easily recognized for her black rear feathers.

Free-Da (the darkest one) & Liya were relocated with us after the death of their owner, a sweet old lady, and her kids could not keep them. They are sisters and always stay together. Chicken Liya was named after Ophira’s mum. After we got chicken Lise we decided to call the next one as Ophira’s mum if she was ginger. Done!
Free-Da is an escape artist & Celine is a fan of Frida Kahlo’s art, isn’t it a good combo?

Michelle was adopted through a shelter, she was found in a private garden and her owner could not be found. ” She bears the name of someone dear to “human” Lise.” When we got her she used to eat her own egg as she was probably in lack of food & vitamins. After few months with us she is in great shape and not eating eggs anymore. She looks a lot like Liya but she wears her tail higher… Michelle like to be pretty and to show it. Lise & Michelle are really good friends, they usually hang out in the shade under the swing.

The kids love our hens!

They are a real part of the preschool… we maintain the coop, feed them, collect the eggs together. The hens are used to go outdoor with us, to the forest or to the park. They also constantly try to get in the kitchen to get some food & likes to poop in Celine’s flip-flops. When we want to pick them up they lay down and wait for it. All the crew learned how to handle them, take care of them and respect animals. They provide us much more than eggs… patience … nature’s power…lives’ respect & much more!

Lise, Liya, Free-Da & Michelle: You rock girls!