Kids, animals, plants,… Everything start to make sense.

I was looking for this kind of set up for a long time. A place where all species can have a place, grow together, helping the one from the others. The chicken are free and happy, they talk to us. Did you know that chicken are very social and talkative?

They follow me everywhere and talk, talk, talk. Actually it sounds more like singing with a wide range of sounds but they look at you very seriously and believe me, this is real talk.

They make fresh eggs and let us take them. Kids respect them and love to spend some time in their company. Then last but not least, families enjoy our egg swap philosophy and bake a lot of delicious cake and other dishes.

The fig tree is growing so fast with all this chicken waste. Our soil is full of worms and so rich.

We are accomplished, happy, and we can see all of this on the faces of the children enrolled with us.

Is it a farm or is it a school? Probably both.

And this teach us the fundamental of life. The children here are not only learning French, and English and Spanish, to count, to write and to be confident. The children here are learning how life is working. How food are growing. How the soil is living. How important is the water. What is the value of an egg. For us. For the animal. Do the chicken eat their egg sometimes?

This is definitely a school.

And this is definitely a cool small urban farm.