Quelques unes de nos aventures… / Some of our adventures…

  • LesKidz-Keep-The-Gate-Close

Chicken Coop: Week 3

The good thing with new projects is definitely that it's never boring... The chicken coop experience is a journey! Everyday there is a new challenge.  This week we found a very tiny chicken

  • Nico and the Chicken

Chicken coop: September update

Nicolas, the chicken coop bouncer! Well well well .... Chickens are definitely growing up but Liya & Free-Da are still not laying eggs unfortunately. They had been bother regularly by the raccoons at night &

  • Les Poulets

Chicken Coop, week 1

After almost 2 years of talk, we finally did it! The chicken coop was built with kids help in few hours. Our little crew was so excited about, the parents & I too. We


Earth Day is everyday at Les Kidz

Earth Day Is Everyday At Les Kidz “ EARTH DAY 2021 - As the world returns to normal, we can’t go back to business-as-usual. From April 20-22, join the world’s leaders for Earth

  • LesKidz-Whale-day

At Les Kidz, we speak Art.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ― Albert Einstein Les Kidz’s early education is emphatically child-centered. Encouraging children in their artwork, music-making, storytelling and imaginative play. Why is art so

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