Good communication is of the utmost importance. When you are accepted into Les Kidz, we like to be sure that we can share openly about any concerns or questions that may arise. It is important that there is a similar child care philosophy between us. We welcome questions, feedback, or discussions of any kind that are oriented towards a positive outcome for the child(ren). Sensitive issues will be discussed in private at a mutually beneficial time.

Do I need to provide or pay a deposit to secure my child’s enrollment?

Yes, a ONE MONTH deposit is required to secure your child’s enrollment. The deposit will be refunded within seven business days presuming we receive the 60-days written notice of termination and all payments are current.

Unfortunately, you agree to forfeit your deposit (it will not be pro-rated or refunded) if you choose to withdraw your child without 60-days notice.

How far in advance do I need to notify Les Kidz that my child will be leaving, or switching to another program (changing attendance schedule)?

30-days written notice is required for any schedule change. 60-days written notice is required if you leave. Without 60-days written notice, your deposit will be forfeited.

When is tuition due?

Full payment is due on the 1st of the month. Please write a check to Les Kidz LLC.

Is there a fee reduction for holidays, breaks, or missed days?

The monthly fee will not be adjusted for holidays, breaks, or school days missed by students.

I am excited and nervous about my child’s first day at school; can I stay and observe my child?

We encourage parents to prepare their children for their first day of school by talking to them, reading books, and getting them excited about going to school before they arrive for the first day. It’s best for the child when you say your goodbyes during drop-off with confidence and assurance, your positive energy will help them adjust to their new environment smoothly.

To help your child acclimate to the school’s schedule, please pick up your child at 12:30pm for the first week and then after nap at 3:30pm for the second week. However, as each child’s temperament, personality, and acclimation to a new environment may vary, the suggested early pick up will be tailored to each child’s need.

Can children bring a special toy/blanket to school to help ease their transition to Daycare or Preschool?

Yes, your child can bring a special toy/blanket to school but may only use it during nap time. Once nap time is over, the item will be stored away.

We don’t speak French, will my child get confused or frustrated when communicating with us at home?

Children quickly understand that there are various ways to communicate to each other through different languages. They will realize that there is a “school” language and a “home” language. Confusion, if any, is transient because, as you’ll be amazed to see, your children will seamlessly figure out their world in both English and French. Think of the millions of neural connections that they are building in their brains!!

If parents are not able to pick up their child, can they send a friend or family member?

Yes, as long as the friend or family member is listed on the enrollment package list. In the event they are not, you must call us and let us know that person’s name, and he/she will need to provide a picture ID at pickup. Parents are required to email their picture ID in advance, so teachers are aware and know whom to expect.

Do you discipline children or give time-outs?

We always turn a negative situation into a positive one for the children. Also, we encourage them to resolve their conflicts through conflict resolution, which can involve having them share their perspectives or apologize to each other. Conflict resolution skills are very valuable in life.

What is your policy on biting, hitting, and scratching?

Children generally do not bit, hit, scratch, and kick others with the intention to hurt; instead, often due to a lack of verbal skills or control over regulating their physical and social behavior, they are more likely trying to communicate their frustrations to their peers. If a child continually causes harm to others (i.e., more than three incidents), we request the child stay home for a day and then come back to school after the parents have thoroughly communicated with their child about their misguided behavior.

How do you handle an emergency situation?

In the case of a life-threatening medical situation, we will call 911 and the parents and if necessary, perform CPR and provide First-Aid. If we are not able to get a hold of the parents, we will call an ambulance (parents are responsible for all medical and transportation costs provided by the paramedics, ambulance services, and hospital).

Also, we do earthquake and fire drills every three months with the children.

Which park/outing do you visit and for how long?

We go to local parks within walking distance or nearby attractions every day (weather permitting) for 1 to 2 hours. Our common destination are Miraloma Playground or Midtown Terrace Playground.

Do I need to bring diapers and wipes for my child?

No. We are working hard to make our school green and do our best to be the closest possible to zero waste. So we choose to work with an AWESOME company which offer a service of compostable diapers and wipes in the Bay Area. We strongly encourage you to use their services for your family too. To take care of the planet and build a better future for our children, please find here their website: Earth-Baby

My child is almost potty trained. Can I send her/him to school in underwear?

In order for your child to wear underwear to school, he/she must be able to verbally convey to the teachers that he/she needs to use the potty and be able to hold it until they reach the toilet. We want our students’ potty training experience to be a positive one, therefore, we believe in respecting our students’ natural timeline for potty training. When your child is ready, we will be there to help and guide him/her.

Do you do potty training?

We do potty training in our Preschool when the child is able to verbalize his/her need to use the restroom.

My child has not started eating solid food; do I need to bring formula and baby food for my child in the Daycare?

Yes, you need to bring formula and pureed food for your child. You can also order food to be delivered to the Daycare. If your child is able to eat solid food, the school will provide the daily lunch and snacks.

Do I need to bring food for my child?

We provide organic home cooked meals and snacks (French style recipes).

Do I need to bring a Nap Mat for my child for nap time?

We provide the nap mat for nap time. However, for children who need to sleep in a crib, parents need to provide it.

What if my child doesn’t sleep during nap time?

We strongly believe in setting a structured sleeping routine for the children so they know what to expect throughout the day. Our nap time is roughly from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. It usually takes a short period of time for your child to adjust to the sleeping schedule, but generally, children quickly adapt to the daily routine with a nap. If your child is not sleeping during naptime, she/he will understand that nap time means quiet time (i.e., a time to rest their body). As much as we know that children need to be in a stimulating environment, they also need quiet moments to calm down, reflect, and refuel. Infants dictate their own sleeping schedule.

Can I still bring my child to school if she/he is sick?

We understand that parents need to work and that finding a sitter might be a challenge, but if your child shows any of the following symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, fever of 100°F, unusual body hives or rashes, or any contagious diseases, you must keep your child at home. Please wait 48 hours for all symptoms to disappear before bringing your child back to school.

Upon returning to school, your child needs to bring to school a doctor’s note to indicate that they are cleared and not contagious.

During drop off time if we notice your child has any of the above symptoms, we will not admit her/him. And if any of the above symptoms appears during school hours, we will call you immediately to pick up your child.

Are the Preschool open year-round?

We are open year-round but the school will be closed for national holidays, and some breaks. For more details see the school calendar here:

I would like to volunteer at the school; how may I participate?

If you are a musician, fabulous chef, artist, rocket scientist, or have any fun skills that you would like to share with the students, please volunteer often! We would love to coordinate a time with you to come and conduct a short class with the children. Please contact us to express your interest and we’ll get you involved!

Is there a fee for late pickup?

Yes, the fee is $10 per 5min after 5 pm. The late fee will be added to your monthly invoice. It is important that you pick up your child on time and for the teachers to be able to leave for home on time. Our teachers have strict time commitments and children of their own.

Parents’ Responsibilities

• Please label your child’s name on all his/her belongings, especially their coats and jackets.

• Please check your child’s bags to make sure there is one extra set of clothing (tops, pants, underwear, and socks) for changing.

• Please make sure to put on comfortable shoes for your child. Due to safety reason, children may not come to school in Crocs, sandals, or any open toed shoes. Children should not come to school in shoes with laces. We recommend Velcro shoes.

• Please bring requested weekly curriculum materials to school for your child’s project. Most requested items are recycled items or things you can easily find in your home.


Banned items at school:



-Coins or Money

-Sharp items, such as pins that are worn on clothes.

-Electronic items, like iPads or iPhone