Our 2021 summer camp!

Les Kidz is very excited to offer you a 2021 summer camp. A small, human sized summer camp that fit the regulations and the Covid guidelines of the state and the city of San Francisco.

Regarding this unexpected school year, we imagined a summer camp, where young children will breath and will enjoy social interaction in an inventive and creative way. They will practice cooking, building, woodworking, learn about music, arts, gardening, discovering the nature, and learning about the wildlife. Understanding the why and the how, the causes and the consequences.

A new way to learn and to teach. More sustainable, taking care of our needs and the needs of the life around us.

Starting date: June 21, 2021.

14 children maximum

3 weeks minimum according to the state guidelines.

8:30-4pm (optional to 5pm).

Lunch/ Snacks

We will prepare our lunch together.

We will use only local organic fresh ingredients.

The children will learn about the food and their properties. Proteins, vitamins,… Where to find them. How to compose a vegetarian meal with all what we need for our body.

Our daily program at a glance.

8:30 am Welcoming time with free play and cooking class, etc.

9:30 am Snack followed by an outdoor time. Hiking into the forest, up the Twin Peaks, inside the Glen Canyon or just enjoying the Playground and the structure closed by.

12:00 am Lunch, It may be a picnic sometimes for more fun!

1:00 pm Quiet time, Board Game, Reading or Nap (if needed).

3:00-4:00 pm Snack followed by art projects, dance class, or and/or outdoor time in our backyard.

4:00pm-5:00pm Extended Care (optional)

We will follow the evolution of the guidelines of the city and the state on a daily basis. And we might adapt our program but we will do our best to make this summer an awesome and fun summer for the kids!


About our teachers

Our teachers speak English, Spanish and French. They all have a deep background working with young children.
Our teachers have been working for us for a while, or come from big schools like the French American International School or the Lycée Francais taking advantage of the summer break.
Also, they have their first Aid and CPR.

About the founder and supervisor of this program:
Lise is working with the children for 12 years.
She is a mix of the French culture, the American and the New Zealand’s one.
She has a bachelor’s degree in sciences and in web design and development. She worked for many years in the French film industry and as UX/UI designer in New Zealand.
She has a permaculture certificate from the Urban San Francisco Permaculture Institute.
Her preschools program, Les Kidz has been recognized Green Business Innovator of California in 2018.
She learned about sustainable building and has implemented her knowledge and design in few buildings.
She will supervise this new program for the summer camp.