“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

― Albert Einstein

Les Kidz’s early education is emphatically child-centered. Encouraging children in their artwork, music-making, storytelling and imaginative play.

Why is art so important for the children ?

First of all, artistic activities mean joy and pleasure for the children.

As soon as the children held a pencil or a brush, we can see a very large smile on their face. Very quickly, the children get more focused on their draws or paintings, and can be very concentrated on it. While playing, they discover the pleasure of creativity, imagination, self-expression.


At Les Kidz, art is education.

The children learn to express themselves in groups, to share their idea, to fight for their opinion.

We explain the project to the children. We talk about it.

We teach the pedagogic part (We learned everything about whale for the International Wale’s Day. We also learned why those animals are so important for the planet).

Then we brainstorm together to figure out how to create our project.

At Les Kidz, the children learn to work as a team.


Also each child is free to create in his way, to choose what he wants to do, what color, what form, what meaning.

At les Kidz we speak English, we speak French and we speak… Art.

Art is an international language.

And children seem to know this language very well.

As soon as we organize an artistic activity, we can see each child completely invested : drawing, painting, dancing, singing, creating etc…

We have true artists at Les Kidz !

“Art is a wound turned into light.”

George Braque

Thanks to arts, the children can express themself and show to the world what they have in their mind, and their heart.

Thanks to our dance/ballet class, the children can express their joy, their fears, their anger and everything they can feel.

It is also a way to express their emotion.

“Work as Play, Art as Thought.”

― Robert Filliou

At Les Kidz, we’re also teaching intellectual and social skills through art.

And the children love it !

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

― Pablo Picasso